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Warmly celebrate the official website of Jerry's new official website!

发布时间:2018/01/28 Source: Suzhou Jie Ruisi Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. Release time: 2018/01/28

In order to better enhance the company's image, strengthen publicity, create good conditions for the company's operation and development, to more prominently show the scale and strength of our company, and better display the company's external image, Suzhou Jie Ruisi automation equipment limited The company's new upgrade official website was officially launched recently.
The new website has been designed to improve the company's image, facilitate product promotion, provide quality services to domestic and foreign customers, and enhance the company's influence. The website's column setting, function design, service content and performance form have all been made larger. The adjustments have reorganized the column sections according to the functional partitions, and further integrated the company's information resources to provide customers with more comprehensive and efficient services.

The launch of our new website marks that our company has put forward higher requirements in media promotion and reached a higher level, laying a solid foundation for the company's long-term development.

Suzhou Jie Ruisi Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.
February 1, 2018


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