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The public eye-catching and laureling ceremony | The foundation and start ceremony of the new plant of Jie Ruisi was a complete success!

发布时间:2019/05/27 Source: Suzhou Jie Ruisi Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. Release time: 2019/05/27

On the morning of May 24th, the Wuzi Road, Muzi Town, Wuzhong District, Suzhou, was in the middle of the day, and the firecrackers were screaming. The foundation stone and groundbreaking ceremony of the new plant of Suzhou Jieruisi Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. was held here. Zhang Binghua, director of Wuzhong District People's Congress, and Liu Yeming, secretary of the party committee of Wuzhong Town, Wuzhong District, attended the ceremony to witness this exciting moment.


The sea sailed by the helmsman. After a wonderful drum performance, Mr. Wen Erlong, the chairman of Jie Ruisi Company, first made a speech. Mr. Wen expressed his warmest welcome and most sincere gratitude to all the leaders and guests, and also expounded the brand strength and future planning and vision of the company.


Jie Ruisi Chairman Wen Erlong speaks

He stressed that after the completion of the plant, a number of new laboratories will be added, and the R&D and production environment will be greatly improved. After it is completed and put into production, it will increase the production capacity by three times and realize the digitalization and intelligent transformation of the company as a whole. At the same time, Wen Zong said that it will closely follow the established goals of project construction, meticulously organize and scientifically construct, and complete the construction tasks on time, with high standards, high quality and high efficiency!


New factory aerial view

The development of Jie Ruisi is inseparable from the concern and help of the Suzhou Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, especially the management departments at all levels in Wuzhong District. Subsequently, Secretary Gu Xuefeng of the Management Committee of Jinqiao Development Zone, Mudu Town, Wuzhong District, delivered a speech as the representative of the government. Mr. Gu expressed his congratulations on the foundation and start-up ceremony of the new plant of Jie Ruisi, and said that Jinqiao Development Zone will fully support and cooperate with the project construction, and pay attention to supporting the development of the whole process.

In his speech, Gu Shuji also pointed out that Jeris plans to invest 110 million yuan in Jinqiao Development Zone, which is a full recognition of the investment environment and business environment of Mudu, and will definitely expand the extension of Muxi's intelligent manufacturing industry chain. The development and growth of industrial clusters will have a positive impact, and will also inject new kinetic energy into the next high-quality development of Muxi.


Speech by Secretary Gu Xuefeng of Jinqiao Development Zone

Zhu Guozhu, Executive General Manager of Soochow Securities, spoke on the stage as a guest representative. Mr. Zhu mentioned that Jie Ruisi has won wide recognition and high appreciation from the society, customers and partners for its innovative and hard-working enterprise spirit and strong sense of responsibility. At present, brokerage firms, accounting firms, and law firms have entered the market for more than half a year, and various pre-IPO audits are progressing in an orderly manner. We will fully cooperate to complete all the preparations before Jerry's listing.


Zhu Guozhu, Executive General Manager of Soochow Securities

"5,4,3,2,1!" In the countdown of the host, Director Zhang Binghua and Chairman Wen Erlong jointly started the opening ceremony, opening a grand new chapter for the project. At this point, the project officially launched, and Jerry has taken a historic step.


Director Zhang Binghua and Chairman Wen Erlong started to ring

9:58 Kyrgyzstan has arrived, the moderator announced that "please invite the leaders to lay the foundation for the new plant project of Jie Ruisi", 12 leaders and guests moved to the foundation of the foundation, with the same iron plate, Yangdi Peiji. The sound of the rumored, the salute and the firecrackers sounded. The applause thundered at the scene and pushed the ceremony to a climax.


The foundation of today is a sign of the rise of tomorrow. With the support and help of the government and all walks of life, with the joint efforts of all the staff of the company, the intelligent and intelligent Ji Ruisi new factory will be like a living seed, deeply rooted in this fertile soil. Let us wish that the development of Jie Ruisi is getting better and better!


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