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From the detection of chip front-end chip defects to the end sorting platform, Suzhou Jerry has landed on IC China 2019

发布时间:2019/10/16 Source: Suzhou Jie Ruisi Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. Release time: 2019/10/16

On September 3, the second IC China was grandly opened in Shanghai and received wide attention from the industry. As one of the few companies that provide chip packaging intelligent manufacturing solutions, Jessie is widely favored by the audience. Xu Kunlin, deputy mayor of Shanghai, and his entourage visited the booth and asked about the development status and future development plan of Jerry's intelligent testing equipment. In 2018, China's IC industry continued to maintain double-digit growth in all major segments, with design and manufacturing growth exceeding 20%, and packaging and testing industry sales exceeding RMB 200 billion for the first time. In line with the trend of the times, Jerry is committed to providing the semiconductor industry with a total solution for intelligent manufacturing, and has received good feedback in the market. Photo gallery

▲ Xu Kunlin, deputy mayor of Shanghai, visited the Jerez booth

This year's IC China showcased a visual inspection device V1000 that can simultaneously perform solid-crystal & wire-line visual inspection and a test-printing machine that can perform QFN/SO series vibration plate loading and tray loading. 320X.


In the field of chip defect detection, at present, domestic packaging and testing manufacturers rely on manual inspection for about 60% of chip defects, but the stability of manual inspection is poor, and the demand for smart devices for chip defect detection is geometrically increasing.

V1000 is a fully automatic high-precision visual inspection device for semiconductor packaging and testing front-end processes, integrated with DB/WB based on the problems encountered in the production of packaging manufacturers. The pixel precision is 1um, and the most stable detection yield of the equipment. Can achieve Over kill <80PPM, under kill <10PPM, can also support offline mapping data processing and storage.


▲ well-known packaging manufacturers on-site consulting V1000

QFN (Quad Flat Non-leaded package), a key package for future package development, leadless quad flat package (QFN) is a lead-free package with peripheral termination pads and a die pad for mechanical and thermal integrity exposure. . The package can be square or rectangular. The four sides of the package are equipped with electrode contacts. Due to the absence of leads, the placement area is smaller than QFP and the height is lower than QFP. At present, the demand for test equipment by most semiconductor manufacturers is growing rapidly, and there is no domestic testing equipment that can meet the market demand.

▲Singapore Science and Technology Research Institute & Singapore Production Technology Research Institute on-site consultation 320X

The 320X is a sorting platform developed by Jessie for the end-end process of semiconductors. It can be used in QFN1006 & 1107 & 1109. It can achieve a dry run speed of 58k. It can be quickly flexibly replaced in 4 hours with independent upper and lower pressure. The system has a stable and high-precision torque control technology, and the human-computer interaction interface is also very friendly and user-friendly. 320X also has intelligent foolproof system, soft landing system, and reliable automatic sealing system, torque controllable, can be applied to six-sided visual inspection of inductors, six-sided visual inspection of electronic components, visual inspection of anti-static insulation film .

At present, Jie Ruisi test sorting tape printing and printing machine has been widely recognized in the world-renowned packaging and testing enterprise ASE. The more prominent is that its production capacity can be higher than the market average of 10% to 15%, the stability is extremely high, and the adaptability is strong. MTBA is greater than 1 hour. And an internationally renowned communications company and a North American semiconductor device company have made this product an integral part of producing the latest 5G products.

With the localization of the development of the semiconductor industry, Jerry has taken root in research and development of high-precision integrated turntable sorting platform and high-precision visual inspection overall solution, breaking the monopoly of foreign brands and strengthening efforts to control independently. In the semiconductor back-end, it provides technology and services for major packaging companies in China, which can not only solve the quality and consistency of product defect detection, but also provide production capacity and provide a total solution for intelligent manufacturing in the entire semiconductor industry.


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