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Hand in hand, cooperation and win-win - Jie Ruisi semiconductor packaging and testing equipment interconnection example application conference was successfully held!

发布时间:2019/10/19 Source: Suzhou Jie Ruisi Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. Release time: 2019/10/19

On September 19th, Jie Ruisi's application seminar for the application of interconnection and testing equipment was held in Suzhou. More than ten well-known manufacturers of semiconductor packaging and testing equipment attended the conference to witness the development of Jie Ruisi in the field of intelligent manufacturing. An important milestone in the overall solution for smart factories.

On the afternoon of the 19th, Vice President Jie Ruisi led the important partners in the packaging and testing industry to visit the Jieruisi equipment interconnection intelligent production line, and introduced how the production line can help solve the existing factory equipment management problems, operation mode management and information transmission problems. , data analysis and traceability issues.

▲Jie Ruisi Wang Vice President introduces intelligent production line for all guests

After the field visit of the JRS factory intelligent production line, the Jie Ruisi equipment interconnection example application conference officially kicked off at the Kempinski Hotel in Suzhou. At the meeting, the chairman of Wen Erlong first introduced the company to the guests. Vision, mission and Jerry's future development plan, then Vice President Zhang detailed the company's existing core technology, industry solutions, etc., then the equipment interconnection intelligent production line hardware and software chief engineer from the technical point of view The planning and implementation of the overall solution for Jerez equipment interconnection; finally, the technical person in charge of the semiconductor division detailed the existing equipment and future development plan of the semiconductor division.


▲ Mr. Wen Erlong, Chairman of Jie Ruisi, gave a welcome speech

At present, most domestic semiconductor packaging and testing workshops are still carrying out manual loading and unloading of manual and manual vehicles, which have high requirements and strong dependence on operators. However, manual operations are often accompanied by feeding errors and low consistency. The problem of wasting space resources. In addition, the materials of semiconductors vary in size and variety, and there is a situation in which the logistics and information flow are not uniform in the workshop. At present, the semiconductor packaging process is highly different, and the equipment is completely different independent process equipment, thus forming information islands; In terms of response speed, the entire subsequent process is very complicated, and the inspection equipment of each process is completely different, so the real-time product inspection information cannot maintain good consistency.

After more than ten years of deep work in the automation equipment industry, Jerry's pain points in the production floor can provide complete line of equipment and software solutions. In terms of improving the loading and unloading, Jerry offers various automatic loading and unloading solutions, such as robots and integrated modules. In terms of equipment independence and information island improvement, Jerry provides interface programs for various equipment interconnection processes; In terms of information flow improvement, JJ offers a variety of material supply solutions, such as AGV, RGV and runner supply. In the quality response speed improvement program, Jerez provides a complete solution for the production process to reach the front end. The abnormal backend can respond in time.

With the development of Industry 4.0 and the arrival of the 5G era, device interconnection has become the only way to develop smart factories. The development of technology has enabled the operation of existing factories to be innovated. Jerry has been deeply involved in the field of automation and intelligent hardware for many years. At present, it has successfully customized equipment interconnection solutions for customers. In the future, Jerry will continue to be in the field of equipment interconnection. Work hand in hand with partners to play a new chapter in smart manufacturing!


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